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The Kids range has always been a real priority. All kids will find the right fit regardless of their size, level and interest.
The frames are specifically designed by our engineers. The components are chosen with the greatest of care. All this to best suit the body shape of those mini shredders.

We offer four options here. For three of them (each available in several wheel sizes), the main difference is whether or not the bike features suspension and to what level. The fourth option is an EMTB, a revolution is the kids bike market.

RAMONES have a rigid frame and fork. Apart from keeping the price down, the absence of suspension means better performance, less weight and easier maintenance.

META HT Kids models have a front suspension fork. This one, designed by us and made by Manitou, offers an unprecedented level of performance. We have managed to reduce friction to the max so that the travel is used, even on small bumps and for smaller sized, lighter weight people.

Finally, our CLASH Kids models are leading the way in world of full suspension bikes for kids. Much more than just a CLASH with a small frame, the kinematics has been exclusively designed for this frame. It allows comfort and grip whatever’s in the way despite a featherweight rider onboard.
META HT 24  2021
29,999.00 ZAR
In Stock
META HT 20  2021
24,999.00 ZAR
In Stock