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2020 - Fresh Vibes

New platforms, new paint jobs, new trends!

Over time, it's normal to gain wisdom and knowledge.
Now, more than ever, we want to have fun with it...

We want to discover things, to travel.
We have to enjoy every moment.
We are hungry for adventure, for new experiences.
We demand to be surprised, and to surprise.

In fact, all this is normal. After all, we are only 20 years old!


The level of World Cup DH racing continues to increase.

Our race bikes are constantly evolving because we're looking for those famous hundredths of a second that make the difference at the finish line.
Our SUPREME DH range (29'' and 27'') benefits from all our experience and now serves as a benchmark in the DH world.

The FURIOUS can also draw on the biggest names in its category, to ride the biggest lines.
Kyle Strait, Pierre-Edouard Ferry, William Robert and Conor McFarlance remind us what this bike can do every day!



Enduro is vast...
Pure performance? Adventure? Emotion? Sharing the ride? A bit of everything?
Everyone has their own definition of this practice.
And for once, nobody is wrong! Its everything and everyone can enjoy it. The possibilities are endless.
To have something for everyone, we offer three distinct variations.
The META AM 29, nicknamed The Beast" by Yoann Barelli! The bike accumulates titles, both in the press and on the Enduro World Series. Its just you and the bike who determine the limits.

The CLASH, exclusively in 27'', is the official Chill Zone bike. With 180mm of travel, it's capable of everything.

The META HT AM perfectly complements our offering. More affordable, it will please everyone's needs since it can be built with 29'' or 27 wheels.


Our e-bike range switches to BOOST mode.
Two models with integrated batteries have landed. And you have a choice of wheel size in 29'' or 27''.
An e-bike for kids in 24'' is also coming. Dont be jealous.
The MAXMAX POWER allows you to move around the city in style, but also to think outside the box when the opportunity arises.


The META TR has been around for years. For a while it was almost in the shadows of its the big brother, the META AM.
It was last year, in 2019, that the frame was completely reworked to accommodate 29" wheels.
Overnight, the TR became a sensation in its own right! This was confirmed thanks to MBUK awarding it Trail Bike Of The Year!
In 2020, it's back even stronger.


The Kids range is becoming more complete year on year.
The RAMONES features a reworked frame and disc brakes.
Also with a fresh frame design is the META HT Kids, which is inspired by one of our best sellers, the META HT AM.
The CLASH Kids range is coming too. Ideal for enduro sessions or lapping the bike park.
Not to mention the META HT 24 POWER that will revolutionize family rides with the kids!


Paul Couderc is a rising star in the world of Dirt.
Behind the bars of his ABSOLUT, he's achieved the best performances of his young career.
Firstly for him, but of course also for you, our engineers have completely revised this legendary frame.
The result is convincing. The images speak for themselves.