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I love my bike!

This new 2019 range marks another turning point in our approach to mountain biking.
Whether its the kids, the electric or the classic range, we re-worked all the details so you can ride a bike that is just perfect for you.

But what if the difference is not blindingly obvious?

From the manufacturing processes of the frames to the choice of the best shades of colours and finishes...
From the selection of high-quality head set bearings giving unmatched precision to wheels that have become more reliable and reactive with improved spokes and nipples, including complete wheel-sets from the most prestigious brands
Our choice of internationally renowned components has been meticulously selected for their high standards.

Everything has been reviewed!

Next up is the arrival of our new platforms!
The CLASH, the little bro to the FURIOUS, is a new enduro edition which is simple, ultra-modern, playful and terribly effective.

We also see the arrival (in force) of 29-inch wheels for the META TR, META AM & SUPREME! These are brand new frames, not just 29-adapted old models...
All 29-inches of this size are amazing - comfort, performance and stability!
Whether youre competing or just passionate, the progression of components and the modern geometries are a pleasant surprise.
If you think a 29er is still a big cumbersome, unagile bike then its probably time to change your mind.

Having said that, its not that we want to shake everything up too much because rightly so, 27.5 wheels still have a long trail-life.
But the brand new CLASH will prove itself.
You simply have the choice!



The team worked hard.
They know why they do their job.
They love winning but dont want to big it up.
What they are looking for is success!
That privilege, effervescence, exhilaration, they will never get tired of it!

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If you have never won then you don't know what it's like!
Some think that it is easy enough to leave the pits and to roll victory, that easy.
On the contrary, the more you're at the top, the harder the fight!
The #1 plate for the big hitters, not the playground and we only feel the fear of being beaten!
Now we know, we do not like losing.

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We all hailed the talent of this TR, its got a good record.
It's difficult to be a compromise, few people or objects succeed.
This bike is at home everywhere and never overwhelmed.

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